Itinerant Architectures


 Itinerant Architectures: The Theater. Rarefaction. Solo Exhibition. Center for the Arts. Grass Valley, CA. 2022

Itinerant Architectures: The Library. Solo Exhibition. The Brand Library & Art Center. Glendale, CA. 2018

Itinerant Architectures: The Arcade. Solo Exhibition. Work Program Architects Gallery. Norfolk, VA. 2018

Capitol (Capital). Mountain Center, California. 2017-8

Mint. Mountain Center, California. 2017-8

Fortress. LACDA Exhibition. Los Angeles, California. 2017

Fortress. UAMO Exhibition. Munich, Germany. 2016

Fortress. Badger, California 2015

Orations. Smack Mellon GalleryBrooklyn, New York 2015

Orations.  Memphis, Tennessee 2013

Traveling Medicine Show @ dOCUMENTA(13). Kassel, Germany 2012

Funkhaus Exhibition.  Berlin, Germany 2012

The Hatchery Exhibition.  Badger, California 2011


Itinerant Architectures is an ongoing series that engages the notion of architectural time, while addressing identity, transience, decay and the quality of witness in buildings. It considers architecture as a transient sculptural system. The structural identities of buildings are recreated through architectural intervention, utilizing the direct actions of cutting, superimposing or adorning. The first work in the series cut a cathedral out of a trashed mobile home trailer in the California wilderness.  The same cathedral image became a slow-to-evaporate ceremonial water drawing in an abandoned hotel in Memphis, Tennessee, and later, a 20’ performance drawing in the Funkhaus in the former East Berlin.  The work series continues globally, broadly combining architectural forms, both sacred and profane.


Strasbourg, France

Badger, California

Memphis, Tennessee

Oakland, California

Berlin, Germany

Kassel, Germany

Brooklyn, New York

Staten Island, New York

New York, New York

Baltimore, Maryland

San Francisco, California

Mountain Center, California

Norfolk, Virginia

Los Angeles, California